Searching a market to buy frozen, hygiene, nutritious and fresh stock of vegetables, fruits, meat, ready meals, desserts and much more, Carrefour is the best choice. Undoubtedly, Carrefour is not only the hypermarket; it is the hub of everything needed for daily life. It offers a largest variety of essentials like food, beverages, baby products, toys, stationery, bakery, pet supplies, electronics, smartphones, automotive, cleaning agents, and much more than all these things under Carrefour’s roof. Is it electrolytes for dogs you need? No problem! One of the Carrefour’s specialties is its wide range of frozen products with huge savings on using Carrefour promo code. To enjoy more exciting offers, visit the website and avail discounts.

1- High Quality Meat

Carrefour is well known for its frozen products and when it comes to meat, Carrefour is the only master. Whether its beef, mutton or offal, everything is available with Carrefour’s guarantee. A variety of high quality frozen beef which includes Saudi minced beef 400g for 2.75 SAR, American minced beef with spices 400g for 7.95 SAR, Alfolla frozen beef minced 400g for 2.50 SAR and exceptional royal minced beef 400g for 4.35 SAR. Even the mutton section includes Saudi minced lamb 400g for 2.75 SAR, royal minced mutton 400g for 4.15 SAR, Habra minced lamb 400g for 8.25 SAR, and Alfolla frozen mutton minced 400g for 2.50 SAR. These products and much more are available with further discounts on using Carrefour promo code.

2- Best Poultry Range

Carrefour offers a wide range of high quality and fresh poultry products, packed with great care for retaining their minerals, vitamins and other nutrition. The product named as Saudi frozen chicken thighs 900g is available for just 8.95 SAR after 45% discount. The radwa chicken premium frozen chicken drumsticks 450g is also available for 7.50 SAR after a 24% discount. Even more products by multiple leading food brands are available, with big discounts on using Carrefour promo code.

3- Garden Fresh Vegetables

Large variety of fresh, finest and frozen vegetables like corn, beans, okra, molokhia, green peas, carrots, spinach, mix vegetables, mushrooms and much more are available at Carrefour. The top brands such as Dari, Montana, Sadia, Americana, Embrog, Al kabeer and many more, offering their five star products. Carrefour focuses to provide premium quality food products at very affordable prices with exciting discounts on using the Carrefour promo code. Furthermore, Carrefour also offers free delivery on all orders above 50 SAR.

4- Premium Frozen Fruits

Fruits are the basic essential for a healthy body, and Carrefour preserves it with great effectiveness to retain its nutrition. A variety of frozen fruits from top brands are available at Carrefour, like Carrefour raspberries 650g for 28.95 SAR, Montana frozen strawberry 1kg for 12.95 SAR, Montana frozen mango 1kg for just 9.50 SAR after 36% discount, Dari fruit cocktail 780g for just 15.25 SAR after 29% discount, Oesa frozen blueberry 400g for 15.95 SAR after 36% discount, Montana guava pulp 1Kg for 9.95 SAR and much more. For more exclusive discounts, use Carrefour promo code.