An ideal choice for vegans, vegetarians, or just the health-conscious people out there, Arabic cuisine is the number go-to choice every time you want to indulge in a healthy meal that features more vegetables and is low on meat.

But while it can be tempting to start whisking away the first Arabic recipe you want to try, first, there are a few important tips you need to remember to make the most out of this delish cuisine.

Remember that every Arab country has its unique spices and set of flavors that make the cuisine more exceptional. If you are planning to cook up several delicious Arabic dishes, here are a few things straight from the locals that you need to keep in mind:

  • Always be careful with the amount of salt that you add to each dish. Most Arabic dishes rely mostly on spices to add flavoring instead of salt. This means that you might not really need as much salt as you think.
  • Start by filling your pantry with some of the basic spices such as cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, and cumin. All of these are staples in many Arabic dishes while giving your dishes a more flavorful kick.
  • If you are cooking rice or some other dishes that need to be soaked in water, you can try to use beef or chicken broth in place of plain water to add a more exciting flavor to the dish.
  • Probably one of the most important tips when it comes to preparing Arabic dishes is to use natural ghee because, once again, Arab people love to use natural ingredients. Natural ghee is a good example as this gives the best taste to food.
  • When preparing meat, make sure that you brown this first before you add any other ingredients. Doing so will help add more depth and flavor to your dish.

Keep in mind that Arabic food always depends on natural and fresh ingredients, and if you are interested in learning Arabic cooking, you should remember that Arabic food has a distinct flavor, so always remain open to tasting different kinds of food

Recipes of Arabic food are very flexible, and they don’t follow the specific ingredients literally. This means that it is always best to use your sense of taste so you can decide the type and the number of spices. For instance, if you like chili better than brown pepper, go ahead and change it.

Arabs also base most of their recipes on natural ingredients like natural ghee. They also use nuts in most of their recipes, particularly sweets. It is also common in Arabic recipes to replace water with soup when possible.

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