At a glance:

  • Cheese greatly enhances the taste and flavour of burgers.
  • Cheese slices add creamy and melty goodness to burgers.
  • The idle cheese to use in restaurant burgers.

Cheese is a staple ingredient for restaurant burgers. It affects the taste and texture of your regular burgers in more ways than one. This dairy product is mostly used as a food enhancer across several cuisines, and the burger is a notable one. The creamy goodness of cheese takes your regular burgers to whole another level when a high-quality cheese without any food preservatives and food colouring is used for cooking burgers.

There are several ways to use cheese slices on burgers – as a covering on patties, toppings, or seasonings. Using different ways to put cheese on burgers creates new and exciting burger experiences for people who enjoy burgers to their heart’s content. The ways of using cheese slices on burgers differ from one chef to another, but at the end of the day, everyone wishes for the cheese to add good value to their burgers. So, what does cheese actually add to our burgers, and how do they affect them?

What Does your Cheese add to Burgers?

Cheese and burgers are a match made in heaven. People are eating lots of cheese with their burgers, and burgers with no cheese are no burgers at all (for many). Your cheese slices add a lot of goodness to your burgers, and knowing the best cheese for burgers is what has helped burger restaurants to find loyal customers for their products.

The basic elements cheese slices bring to burgers are taste and texture. Cheese is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, so the nutritional value of this dairy product is also there. There are several varieties of cheese for burgers, and each cheese is known to add a unique flavour and texture to burgers. Some cheese slices have a sharp, tangy flavour, while some cheeses have a mild tangy flavour.

As one of the most common cheeses for burgers in Australia, American cheese has a mild salty flavour with little sweetness. The choice of cheese for burgers makes the whole burger thing exciting and appealing to customers. Cheese slices should complement the taste of other burger ingredients like buns, meat, onions, and tomatoes, regardless of the variety of cheese used for burgers. A cheese to balance out the flavours in burgers would be a perfect burger cheese for restaurants.

How Cheese Balances Taste in Burgers?

Consumers do not wish to have a bad aftertaste from eating burgers. People drink milkshakes and soft drinks after eating burgers to wash down the savoury and tangy taste of burgers. Hence, a proper cheese for burgers is meant to balance the different flavours in burgers. The best cheese for burgers (American cheese slices like hi-melt and THINS cheese slices) itself balances the flavours in burgers.

Beef patty used in burgers has a rich, savoury taste profile; buns add some sweetness, while onions have a sweet or sour flavour. Cheese slices are used in different ways to balance these flavour in burgers.

The tangy and salty flavour of cheese slices balances out the sharp, savoury taste of meat and onions. American cheese slices with a mild, sweet flavour greatly complement the beef patty in burgers.

Cheeses used for buyers can balance out the taste of burgers only if melts well. Many types of cheese leach water and oil upon being heated on top of a patty while cooking burgers, giving them a bad taste as well as aroma and appearance. The right cheese to maintain taste and texture in burgers is one with a good melting ability. It is only a good melting cheese that can add a smooth and creamy texture to your burgers – the sight which everyone enjoys in burgers.

The Right Cheese to Maintain Texture and Taste in Burgers?

People want their burgers to have a smooth texture. When you add a slice of hi-melt cheese on top of a hot patty, it provides a creamy sensation. A hi-melt cheese, when added to a hot patty or heated along with the patty, starts to melt and becomes gel-like. The creamy and gooey texture of melted cheese is quite satisfying to eat.

Pure Dairy’s American cheese with high melting ability is the widely accepted standard in terms of melting consistency. It spreads evenly on the patty covering the whole outside of the patty, which adds enough creaminess to please your customers. The best part is that the rich flavour profile of hi-melt cheese and its consistency does not overpower the meat flavour. Consumers can enjoy the juicy goodness of beef patty along with the creamy texture of melted cheese simultaneously.

Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese and THINS slices are a blend of perfect flavour and texture for your restaurant burgers. The difference is clear right off the first bite. The juiciness of melted cheeses and rightly charred patty with different tastes of onions and tomatoes make the burger an exciting ride of taste and texture.

Where to Find the Right Burger Cheese for Restaurants?

Pure Dairy is a leading supplier of high-quality burger cheese across Australia. Their American cheese (hi-melt cheese and THINS slices) is the highest-selling burger cheese across established burger restaurants in Australia.

Their cheese collection for burgers is appraised on their high functionality, consistency, and price value. Designed to melt consistently on burgers, their hi-melt cheese slices and THINS slices offer the creamy goodness of cheese in each bite. They supply their cheese products in bulk across Australia.