Canada has an exclusive fanbase for pizzas. You would be surprised to know that the famed Hawaiian pizza actually originated here, and not in Hawaii. There are numerous local chains and pizzerias that are worth trying. If you are in Montreal, you should definitely order Double Pizza online, which also has amazing sides. Some of the pizza styles in Canada are regional and exclusive in the right ways. In this post, we are sharing some of the best pizza options in Canada that are worth your money. 

The famed all-dressed pizza

This is a Montreal special and is also known as the Montreal-style all-dressed pizza. The toppings are nothing extraordinary but come together for a perfect combination. Green pepper, pepperoni, mushrooms and loads of cheese. The crust is usually thick but not that chewy. With some beer, this is all you need on a boring day!

Windsor-style pizza

This one is a classic from Windsor, which is known for its distinct flavor that many claim comes from the water of Windsor. The classic Windsor-style pizza contains just a few basic toppings like peppers in different colors, canned mushroom, fresh cheese, and pepperoni that has been shredded, unlike the standard round cut. The toppings are always on the top, and that kind of makes this pizza more flavorsome to the eyes. 

Hawaiian pizza

This one, like we mentioned, is a Canadian invention, and almost every other pizzeria has this on the menu. Hawaiian pizza was invented by Sam Panopoulos, and it contains a few toppings that are rather weird in combination. Yes, we are talking of pineapple and ham. You can enjoy this on a day when you want cheese, but also pineapple for that distinct taste. 

Garlic fingers

For many local people in Canada, this is more like a side dish rather than a main course pizza. Garlic fingers refers to a basic pizza that includes garlic, butter, bacon, and sometimes, tomato sauce. The pizza is cut into fingers or strips, and hence the name. This is something you can eat any day without a reason. 

Now that you have figured out the popular options, skip margherita and go ahead with one of the regional favorites. In Montreal, you will find local restaurants that have their own specialties, or variants of some of the popular ones. Don’t shy away from asking questions when it comes to ordering directly from the counter.