Burgers are an exclusively loved food all over the world. It is equally easy to make with a minimal approach; however this is not the case with grilled burgers. They are a bit tricky to get to their optimal taste. Hence, here is the Hamburger ricetta to get the best of grilled burgers.

Ingredients needed

The primary items that are needed for the recipe are,

  • A kg of minced beef containing almost seventy to seventy five percent beef and a fat content ranging between twenty to thirty five percent.
  • 2 Red tomatoes properly round shaped
  • 4 cheese slices. One can use either provolone or cedar
  • Bacon sliced in eight fine pieces
  • Some salad leaves, crunchy enough to add the sensation
  • Mayonnaise to amp up the flavor to another level
  • Spog Rub Grilling Hard

Instructions for making

Preparing the ingredients:

  • The first step is to prepare the meat for the burger. Mince the meat well and put it in a bowl. Add some pinches of salt and pepper as per taste and quantity, but be aware of not overdoing them.  Mix the contents well. In case a stronger flavor is needed add Spog RubGrigliare Duro in place of pepper as well as salt.
  • The next step involves dividing the mix into four equal parts, each weighing almost two hundred and fifty grams for each of the maxy burgers
  • The third step is to shape the meat balls into a perfect patty for the burger. One can use a holster for Hamburger making to get the perfect shape.

Cooking phase

  • The patties require indirect cooking at a temperature ranging between 160 to 180 degrees. Each side of the patty requires a minimum of two minutes.
  • Add a slice of cheese to the buns and cook them for about five minutes and grill the beacon.
  • Now, compose the burger by layering the base bun with mayonnaise or sauces of your desire, topped with the patty and the veggies that you desire.