Starting a burger restaurant can be very exciting for entrepreneurs. The craze for gourmet burgers is high in Australia among millennials and Z-gen. Many aspiring entrepreneurs eye to cash in the popularity of gourmet burgers. However, starting a new business from scratch has a fair share of challenges. Investing in a franchise burger boutique can make things somehow easier for entrepreneurs. If you are looking to invest in a pre-established burger brand, you have a golden opportunity with Milky Lane.

Milky Lane is ready to share its business model and evolve as a huge burger restaurant franchise and help aspiring entrepreneurs become successful. What started in 2916 with a passion of four guys from Bondi Beach to establish a unique burger restaurant is now Australia’s No. 1 boutique burger brand. Milky Lane had humble beginnings in 2016 with a single location in Bondi Beach. Coming to 2022, Milky Lane has 40 burger restaurants spread across Cornella, Parramatta, Surfer Paradise, Canberra, Crows Nest, and Newcastle, among others. While expanding Milky Lane as a chain, the popular burger restaurant has won several prestigious accolades along the way.

Milky Lane is delighted to offer you a never-before opportunity for you to establish your own business (obviously with the support of an established brand). There are plenty of niche burger franchises in Australia. Here, we evaluate some key advantages of joining the Milky Lane team, which means you cam ultimately decide if joining this burger brand pays you in terms of profitability and sustainability or not.

Brand Reputation

What excites people about a burger restaurant like Milky Lane is its brand value and reputation among the communal. Brand reputation plays a key role in deciding your next step when choosing a burger brand – whether to join the franchise or look for better options. Joining Milky Lane means local people are already familiar with the name, and it helps to stay ahead of the competition.

Milky Lane boosts rich social media engagement, which is necessary to drive traffic in current times. They are now considered the best burger restaurant in many parts of Australia, having been decorated with prestigious awards like Marketing and Social Media Business of the Year 2018 and Hospitality Business of the Year 2019.

Reduced Operating Costs

Milky Lane is an established burger boutique with a reliable network of suppliers built over the years. The franchise’s strong purchasing power benefits new Milky Lane locations. To save both time and money, you can use their connection and resources to purchase necessary goods and products. This way, it reduces operating costs for you.

Notably, Milky Lane burgers are famous for their reasonable prices and taste, those appeals to many possible eaters. You will want people to keep coming back to your location and enjoy eating at your place. The perfect pricing strategy has helped Milky Lane to gain organic customers and retain them as well. This positions your burger restaurant above other commercial burger franchises, and the likelihood of success goes higher.

Flexible Franchise Agreement

There is a common notion that many established brands underpin newcomers. You get the exact opposite as a Milky Lane franchisee. Milky Lane acts as a flexible partner to you. They offer a variety of franchise formats such as full-service, food truck, and Express. They also work closely with you in finding a new and suitable location for you with suitable leasing terms in place. While joining a franchise, you must examine legal documents headlining rights, responsibilities, and obligations as a franchisee. You can discuss the terms of the franchise agreement thoroughly with the team of Milky Lane.

Industry Training and Support

As a franchisor, Milky Lane offers industry training and support to their franchisees. Their training and support to franchisees expand to marketing operations and in-house management. In addition, they help you in hiring new staff and overlook their training. With the name of an established and enjoyed brand, you also get full-fledged administrative support from the team of Milky Lane to start your Milky Lane store.

This is your chance to be a part of Australia’s fastest-growing burger brands and fulfil the dream of owning a niche burger restaurant. You would be subjected to eight weeks of training, and it takes little as four months to start living the dream. Become a Milky Lane franchisee today. You can contact the Milky Lane team with your expression of interest.