People often believe that corporate events are dull, formal events with a fixed agenda. While corporate events do have an agenda, the rest of planning can be done differently. Montreal, fortunately, has a wide range of venues and places that work well for contemporary corporate events. Here are some planning tips worth considering. 

  1. Think of outdoor events. Unless the weather or season is a bummer, an outdoor venue is the best pick for casual corporate events. Outdoor venues often have the scope to take things inside, in case the weather is a concern. 
  2. Consider the acoustics. If you need a meeting room, or a space where things can be discussed, keep the acoustics in mind. The basic audio-visual setup should be available at the venue.
  3. Get a food truck. Instead of just sticking to standard catering, consider having a food truck at the venue. Check online for Riverside Montreal food truck options, and you will find many choices, including those with fixed and customized menus. From ice creams and dessert menus can be taken outdoors. 
  4. Look in advance. Most venues for corporate events and meetings are often booked in advance, and it is best to start look as soon as possible. This also gives the scope to adjust things as needed. 
  5. Think of entertainment. Since we are talking of casual events, it is wise to think of entertainment, if the scope of the event allows for the same. Venue vendors may have a few options that can be considered. 
  6. Ask for estimates. The cost of an event venue is dependent on many factors, such as inclusions. For instance, if you find a venue that includes a fixed price per guest with a fixed catering menu, it isn’t a bad deal, compared to a venue that doesn’t include food but charges high anyway. 
  7. Be realistic. Some event venues cost a tad more than others, often because of the location. Many venues are Montreal are located strategically, so while these venues can be easily accessed, these are not in busy areas. The eventual cost of a corporate event depends on everything else that is included. 

Final word

Don’t forget to visit a venue in person for knowing more about its scope for corporate event. Riverside in Montreal has a few offbeat venues that have custom choices for planning both corporate and personal events. Check reviews and get estimates to start the planning.