Malaysia is currently ranked number 8 in the world’s best place to do business. So, if you are thinking of putting up a business this may be the right place for you.

Malaysians Enjoy Coffee

Why coffee shops? First, because Malaysians consume an average of 600,000 (in 60kg batches) of coffee bags per day. Ordering coffee and having breakfast in a coffee shop has been embedded in the Malaysian culture since the 1800s. “Kopitiam” is the Malaysian term for traditional coffee shop. The term has now evolved from the traditional coffee shop serving Malaysian Chinese breakfast meals to the modern fast food outlet.

The second reason is that the country harvests Liberica and Rebustica which are two of the main types of coffee beans in the world. Malaysia produces 2.1 million (in 60 kg batches) of coffee bags to meet local and international demand. This means you will never run out of the main resources you need for your coffee shop. So, whether you wish to go modern or traditional the same “kopi” (coffee in Malaysia) should be served.

Buying or Selling a Malaysian Coffee Shop?

The next concern is whether you should put up your own brand of coffee shop. Or are you buying an existing business instead? If you have the time and the resources, putting up your own brand of coffee shop may be for you. Based on studies, Malaysians do favor a positive brand image, a healthy menu and the right vibes when choosing their coffee shop. The only problem is the time, energy and money you need to spend for studying the business. You also have to secure all the documents needed to open your coffee shop. Don’t forget to factor in the risks involved in starting up a business.

But if you want instant brand name recognition and loyal customers you can opt to buy an existing coffee shop. This will provide you hassle-free ownership of a coffee shop that you really want.

If you are unsure on how to start the business try seeking the help of a professional. You can go to Easy Buy Sell Business Malaysia. They offer a selection of services to either new business owners or those seeking to buy an existing business. You can be assured of fast and professional assistance. They are considered the incorporation specialist.

For new business owners, this Business for Sales Portal will guide you through the proper steps in opening your business. If you are buying an existing coffee shop this website provides a list of coffee shops on sale in the market. Once in the website, click the Businesses for Sale option. You need to click Food and Beverage for a list of companies for sale. What’s great about this website is that it provides you filters. This folder provides you the option to choose based on a list of criteria that you will identify from their drop down menu. So, you choose based on your own preferences.

But if you are currently a business owner opting to sell business in Malaysia they can help you too! Just go to the website and click Business Valuation. This option will give you the help necessary in determining your company’s worth in the market. Get in touch with them soon if you want to sell business.