Saffola Gold contains the richness of safflower oil – Safflower is a natural source of monounsaturated fats; of all the cooking oils available, it’s one of the richest sources of MUFA and PUFA. Both have several health benefits, with MUFA being especially beneficial for heart health.

It has high-quality nutrition – Saffola uses a unique blend of safflower oil and rice bran oil that gives you 100% MUFA+PUFA which has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).Saffola Gold has a low absorbency rate of 15%, which means it takes up less oil to cook food than most other brands.

Saffola Gold Cooking Oil has a balanced ratio of MUFA and PUFA, which helps maintain cholesterol levels. It is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A & E which help in immune building. It has the goodness of natural antioxidants like Vitamin E, which helps protect the cells from free radical damage. It also contains a unique blend of antioxidants & Natural Vitamin E from Saffola Seeds and Oryzanol from Rice Bran Oil.

Saffola Gold is rich in MUFA, which makes it the right cooking oil considering our lifestyle and necessity. Saffola Gold has been formulated after deep research by Saffola’s doctor team to become a heart-friendly cooking oil. It lowers cholesterol absorption and gives you a healthy heart. Saffola Gold cooking oil is enriched with the goodness of Vitamins A and D to help better your family’s immunity and health. Saffola Gold’s anti-shield antioxidant formula with vitamins and antioxidants helps maintain normal cholesterol levels and builds a concrete foundation of immunity against cough, cold, infections, and inflammation.

Saffola Oil is the most recommended cooking oil brand due to its unique advantage over Oryzanol. It’s the richest edible oil with the natural goodness of antioxidants and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Saffola Gold blended edible oil, made from the finest quality of safflower and rice bran oil, is now available in an improved formulation. It contains a unique natural vitamin E (dd alpha-tocopherol) that helps balance cholesterol levels, with Omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Saffola Gold is a premium edible oil enriched with Vitamin A, D, E & Antioxidants. It comes with the goodness of natural antioxidants like vitamin A, D, and E that help to give your skin and hair a healthy glow. To ensure maximized absorption of natural antioxidants, Saffola Gold oil is enriched with Natural Antioxidants (RICE BRAN OIL PLUS) which come from two powerful sources; natural antioxidant-rich rice bran oil and mixed natural tocopherols. The RICE BRAN OIL PLUS present in this refined peanut oil provides up to 80% more natural antioxidants than other branded oils.

A high-oleic acid composition that reduces oxidation in cooking oils, balanced oil with moderate saturated fat, No trans-fat, high MUFA, and PUFA content. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol(LDL), contains the goodness of other nutrients as well, and offers heart protection. In today’s generation, we are seeing a lot of adulteration and falsification in various health care products, so it is very important to pick your brand cautiously.

Saffola Cooking Oils are enriched with powerful antioxidants like vitamin E and essential fatty acids which aid in the development of the brain. These antioxidants also help strengthen the immune system, thus helping your child stay healthy, fit, and active all day. Saffola Cooking Oils are high in MUFA (60%) and PUFA (25%), giving your child enough energy to be full of life.

An easy and healthy way to add up the nutrition factor in our daily food is through cooking oil. Saffola oil has always worked towards bringing about healthier changes amongst people by providing them with healthy oils made from the choicest ingredients. They always ensure that their products are high on taste and nutrition. Saffola working for a healthier India tomorrow – by making healthier choices available today.

Saffola Gold is rich in MUFA and PUFA, blended with natural antioxidants to ensure you have a healthier heart. 1 Teaspoon of Saffola Gold can help reduce cholesterol by up to 5% per month. Saffola Gold is the most preferred cooking oil for a Healthy Heart as it helps maintain normal LDL/HDL cholesterol levels. Heart smart saffola gold oil is made from a unique blend of safflower and rice bran, which are both rich in antioxidants and MUFA. Increase your heart’s immunity by eating smarter.

Saffola Active oil is a special blend of oils that has the good cholesterol (HDL) like properties of naturally occurring plant sterols, which may help in maintaining normal levels of cholesterol. Saffola may help to reduce excess fat in the body and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Saffola gold contains the nutrient Pro-Vitamin A or Beta Carotene which is essential for proper vision and its deficiency causes a loss in night vision or night blindness; Saffola Gold is most suitable for day-to-day activities like salons, biryani, pakode. Saffola Gold is blended with la-lathion and vitamin A and D. This helps to keep your heart healthy and prevent several heart diseases.