Plate freezers offer you continuous processing on trays, high productivity and an ergonomic working environment. Plate freezing technology, which uses direct contact heat convection to block freeze raw and processed materials, has a number of advantages.

The freezer’s stainless-steel exterior and interior guarantee maximum sanitation in your manufacturing plant. Plate freezers are a great option when you need to freeze vast amounts of items quickly.

High-quality plate freezers at an affordable rate

We are committed to providing you with the high-quality computer you need. Our company guarantees that the used industrial freezer equipment you require is both inexpensive and well-maintained.

The purchasing of freezing machines, like all other food processing equipment, should be a long-term investment. We recognize that when it comes to food production, safety, longevity, and sanitation are critical considerations in the purchase of a freezing device.

At the same time, we offer a highly cost-effective plate freezer solution for all types of food industry requirements. The smooth freezing surface prevents dents or marks on the packaging and facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

We collaborate with industry leaders

We collaborate with specialists in the field of freezing technology. We provide you with the service you need and will carefully monitor your plate freezer. Many of the freezing mechanisms in our workshop-showroom have been inspected for wear and tear on various components as well as possible program flaws.

Anything that is even the tiniest bit out of place can be changed. We’ll get you a new repair manual, as well as everything else you’ll need to keep your plate freezer in top shape. This is how we can guarantee that you get the high-quality system you want.

Why choose our plate freezers?

In the modern food industry, there is an increasing need to increase productivity and reduce handling. Nowadays, creating an ergonomic working environment is a top priority. Here the emphasis is on the need to eliminate the tedious tasks associated with loading and unloading freezers.

Our plate freezers are specially designed for freezing all types of fish, seafood, meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables and ready meals in trays. Our plate freezers are very energy efficient as well. Our automatic freezers have a sturdy hardened steel or stainless steel frame and include hydraulic pistons and cylinders that ensure plate stability and pressure uniformity.

All parts in direct contact with food intended for human consumption comply with international standards in this area. We use an extruded aluminum alloy that is seawater resistant and approved for food contact. All the equipment in the range offers ergonomic handling solutions, thus allowing labor savings and offering a small footprint.

We offer complete transparency with unmatched services

We are passionate about freezing technology and deal with it on a daily basis. We are authentic, open, and honest. We do what we do best, and we’ll help you scale up the manufacturing chain with a no-nonsense approach.

Contact us for any queries you may have about plate freezing technology and processes. We will offer a free demo and a free no-obligation quote.