Pizza is one of the most loved food items. There’s not a single soul that would deny a freshly served scrumptious meal of pizzas. However, it’s hard to find such delightful tasty pizzas because the market is crowded with pizza joints. Hence, we have made this guide that will help you in picking a pizza joint that will make you feel that you spent your money well. Dive in! 

  1. Hygienic Cooking Conditions 

Hygiene has always been the first necessity when it comes to eating food from restaurants. Pizza houses are no different. In fact, hygiene has become much more essential during COVID. Hence, it’s better to order/pickup meals from pizza corners that follow all the health guidelines issued by the ministry of Canada to fight off COVID. 

  1. Types of Loyalty Programs Offered 

Customers always feel connected with places that offer loyalty programs. One such pizza corner in Montreal that values the feelings of its customers is the livraison pizza corner. When you order Double Pizza online from this place, these people offer 1 loyalty point for every 5 dollars spent on their website. As soon as the customer has 30 points, he/she can buy one large all-dressed pizza from those points. The 30 points can also be used to purchase any three pizzas toppings.

  1. Different Combo Deals that are Affordable 

Pizza houses that are passionate about their food would always want that more and more people can afford the dishes that they make. Hence, they always come up with innovative combo deals to make pizzas affordable. The 3 amazing deals that are too good to be overlooked are as follows. 

  1. The 7 Days Pickup Special Deal – You’ll be offered a large pepperoni or cheese pizza at the mere rate of 9.99$. One all-dressed large pizza costs 12.99$ only. 
  2. The C2 special Deal for Online Customers – This budget combo meal starts at 24.99$. You get two medium pizzas, 1 2L Pepsi bottle, and 1 medium fries packet at this price. 
  3. The Game Night Special Deal for Online Customers – This one starts at 24.99$ too. It offers 1 large all-dressed pizza, 1 sauce of your choice, 1 small packet of French fries, and 8 chicken wings. Could you ask for a bigger meal at this price? 

On a parting note, we’d also like to mention that livraison Double Pizza is one of very few places that’s offering delivery services in many areas of Montreal after the Night Curfew begins.