Who doesn’t love adding some best appliances in their backyard? Be it a pizza oven or a barbeque unit, people will love to install one on their property while landscaping. Finding the top quality product is what matters in this case. This is when the help of BBQs 2u is needed. 

BBQs 2u takes pride in being the independent suppliers and retailers of many types of ovens and barbecues manufactured by Ooni Koda, Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and so on. The product that the customers need is in their retail store and the customers can find the product of their choice. 

BBQs 2u has been in business since 2002 and is well versed in all kinds of brands and models of barbecues and oven pizzas that they sell to their customers. They are experts who can offer some tips and tricks on making the barbeques and pizzas at a whole new level with some tweaks in the recipes.  

One of the many products that belong to Ooni Koda is available for purchase in BBQs 2u namely Ooni Koda 16. It is the latest version of pizza ovens manufactured by Ooni Koda and it is a gas-powered unit. This factor makes it easier for the owners of this pizza oven to handle the unit with ease, as the power can be controlled with the help of the knob. 

The beauty of owning Ooni Koda 16 pizza ovens is that the inner temperature of the oven unit will reach up to 500 degrees Celsius within 20 minutes. This factor makes it easier for the users to cook multiple pizzas, once the oven is lit. It can bake many pizzas, as every pizza can be cooked within 60 seconds. 

Ooni Koda pizza units are designed with the interior space to accommodate even a 16” pizza in them while cooking. Hence, this factor has made it easier for the users to bake not only pizzas, but also bread, meat joints, and many other things in the pizza oven. Hence, this pizza oven is sold like a hot piece of cake every time there is an Ooni Koda 16 Black Friday sale. 

After Ooni Koda merchandise, the second type of product that is in great demand on the BBQs 2u webpage are the units manufactured under the brand name Napoleon. The idea for the product and the brand name was conceived by an engineer and his wife. As the product launched to the market, every barbeque lover did not miss adding these barbeque units to the list of the amazing appliances that they own. 

The Napoleon BBQs available in BBQs 2u were first launched in 1981 and the products have reached many corners of the world, including some continents such as Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Since then, these barbeque units have become products that have never failed to stay updated with the latest inventions and technologies

BBQs 2u takes pride in making it possible for their customers to get their hands on the best quality products that are manufactured from some top listed brand names. They have never failed to cater to all the needs of their customers, and hence the customers go back to their website every time they wish to purchase some wonderful pizza ovens or barbeque units.