Coffee-lovers are scattered all over the world. Coffee shops are common scene around any joint. From teenagers to middle aged people, everyone is visible in these places. Caffeinated drinks happen to be one of the most common beverages around the world. But not all people can actually enjoy caffeinated drinks. Especially kids should never be allowed to sip on drinks that has caffeine in it. 

But they still run after these drinks. It is one of greatest dilemma for the parents to choose a restaurant or cafe when there is a kid to accompany them. Kid friendly menus are actually a thing in many restaurants. But coffee shops are not usually known to serve kids as their drinks are based on coffee, hence caffeinated. So, the drinks in these places are not actually kids friendly. While they can much on some other items, drinks are not designed for them. But the little curious beings are ready to try their hands at the new things before them. But this is a scene from the old times as the market has something for the little customers as well. 

Coffee shops and drama with kids

Especially when kids are taken to coffee shops, an array of dramas start. With the love for unknown and attractive looking food, kids do not waste any time to try and grab the drinks to get a sip of it. Then the drama of preventing the kids and the kids’ multiple attempts to get the drink ensues until it is spilt on the table or people or an adult gulp it down fast. This is an endless drama in every table with a kid in a coffee shop. There is no way for the adults to get a sip and relish the taste of the coffee in peace. 

A babyccino to the rescue

The only solution to this inevitable drama is to get the kids a drink that looks equally new and attractive. This is what a babyccino is, a drink for kids that is healthy and comes without any caffeine. A Babyccino Starbucks is the substitution of caffeinated drinks for the young member at the table. 

It is actually healthy

The main item in a babyccino is warm milk and milk froth. For some taste and flavor, this drink gets the addition of toppings like cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, marshmallows and sprinkles. With such interesting flavorful things on the froth, a babyccino is bound to attract the attention of any kid. The moment you consider ordering a coffee for yourself, go for a babyccino for the kid. With a variety of milks available at the coffee shops, having a babyccino won’t be a problem for a lactose intolerant kid. 

One might even get a babyccino for free on meeting certain conditions. Many coffee shops liberally offer free babyccinos to large group of customers who arrive with kids. It is time to put the fear away and let your kid enjoy a cup of warm milk as you enjoy your coffee.