If you were looking for popular and convenient snack food, consider looking for beef jerky. The snack food derives its name from the Quechua word – ch’arki. It implies salted dried meat.

Beef jerky comprises lean cuts of beef. It would be marinated using several spices, sauces, and various kinds of additives. The snack food would further undergo several processing methods inclusive of curing, smoking, and drying before it is packed to reach the customers.

Due to jerky being deemed a snack food, a majority of people might wonder if it is a healthy or an unhealthy food option.

Let us delve into a few aspects to determine whether beef jerky is suitable for your consumption.

Considering the potential and nutrition benefits

Rest assured that beef jerky is a relatively nutritious and healthy food option. It would be worth mentioning here that one ounce of beef jerky would entail various nutrients inclusive of calories, proteins, fat, carbs, fiber, zinc, vitamin B12, phosphorus, Folate, iron, copper, selenium, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamine, choline, and niacin.

You could also make the most of pantothenic acid, molybdenum, and manganese in beef jerky.

Regardless of beef jerky entailing high protein levels and low carbohydrates, it entails a healthier nutritional composition as compared to several other snack foods. The snack food would be ideal for various diets inclusive of paleo and low-carb diets.

The snack food has a higher mineral content inclusive of iron and zinc. These minerals would be imperative for several functions inclusive of energy level and immune support.

Beef jerky has a significant long shelf life. It is portable, thereby making the snack a great option for backpacking, travel, and other situations where you need protein intake and have restricted access to fresh food.

Are there any drawbacks to consuming beef jerky?

Despite beef jerky is a healthy snack, consider avoiding consuming in excess. It has higher sodium content and poses considerable health risks associated with the consumption of processed meats.

To sum it up

Beef jerky would be your perfect snack when you require a protein hit. It entails a high amount of minerals and vitamins inclusive of folate, phosphorus, vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. Beef jerky is portable, has a considerably longer shelf life, and is your best on-the-go snack.