The primary purpose of butcher paper is to wrap smoked and grilled foods while it is also be used to wrap dry brined meats. It is great to use when you want to display sliced and shredded meat without having the meat touching the table. Another plus is that butcher paper can be reused over, so you’ll never run out of uses. You can even use it for crafts! Here are some ways you can use butcher paper for cooking:

Wrapping Food

Butcher paper is versatile. It can be used for wrapping a variety of dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, and even mashed potatoes. For cooking and baking, butcher paper is also an inexpensive source of endless painting and drawing papers. Think of any type of food and this type of paper can be used to cover and protect it. You can even use it when cooking, as using it as a pan lining can help reduce mess!

For Decoration

While butcher paper is designed for one specific purpose, it is now used for a variety of others. People use it for arts and crafts, while it’s also a great material to use when decorating. You can unroll large sheets of butcher paper and unroll them over a large surface to create a backdrop for photos or a beautiful decorative banner. It can also be used to wrap presents in a sophisticated way. In addition to using it for wrapping food, butcher paper can be used as a wrapper for your dishes.

For Advertising

It can be printed with your restaurant’s logo and contact information, or it can be used as a table covering. It is also a great tool for packaging gifts! Its versatility makes it an excellent investment for any restaurant. If you put your mind to it, you could come up with many uses for this durable paper. For example, you can use it for name cards, table runners, and even decorative banners. It’s not just good for food! It can be used for en papillote, which is a French cooking method that’s popular with seafood.


Every kitchen, restaurant and home needs a roll of butcher paper due to the versatility it offers. As you can see from above, it offers so many different uses and will come in handy more often than you think. Plus, as its so inexpensive, it is well worth the investment even if you currently have no plans to use it!