Bison meat is a delicious substitute for beef and subtly amalgamates with almost every meat dish. But this is a meat that is generally lean and requires to be cooked over lower heat for the flavours to pour out generously. Overcooking might turn it tough and dry and hence we curated a few tips for you to cook and grill it effectively.


The meat needs to be thawed just the way we cook it- slowly. You can help it slowly thaw by placing the sealed package in your refrigerator and wait till it completely thaws in 1-2 days. If waiting that long is not possible, place the package in a water bowl or under running water till it thaws completely.

Ground Meat

A bison meat burger would require a cooking time lesser than 2-3 minutes of cooking traditional beef. The best flavours will radiate if cooked at rare or medium-rare heat. Pressing the patty with a spatula while cooking is a big no-no. And while browning the meat, there is no need to drain because hardly any grease comes out.

Roasts, Briskets, Short Ribs

Every of the above dish needs to be cooked low and slow on low to medium heat. This process will help the natural flavour to come out and keep the meat juicy on the inside. With time the meat will become moist and that is the best part of it.


The steaks are to be cut with a little fat marbling the edges. This will prevent drying out. Cooking the steak on medium-rare will bring out mouth-watering flavours.

For grilling the meat, follow the steps:

Low Heat

With the beef naturally leaner, a lot less heat and a lot less time are required. Aiming for 1/3rd of the cooking time at 1/3rd of the temperature will yield amazing results.


Cooking more meat will make you more perfect. Once you are a pro, you can figure out your own time cooking the meat. But till then, using a thermometer to gauge the temperature is advisable.

Simpler Recipes

As the meat itself is a lot flavourful, it is recommended to not stuff it with excess ingredients.


This is the key to grill bison meat. Cutting the meat instantly while it comes off the grill is not desirable. A 5-10-minute stand will help unleash the flavour and the juices.

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